Record Your Games to Show Off Later

Record Your Games to Show Off Later

Broadcasting live can be fun, but once the How to Stream on Twitch  is over, you (or your viewers) may want to rewatch it. You can also make highlight reels, or just show off something crazy you pulled off (looking at you, Goat Simulator). If you’re using Twitch, as we’ve recommended in this guide so far, there’s an easy way to make that possible:

Before your broadcasts, open your Twitch account on the web. In the top right corner of the site, click your username and choose “Settings.”

  • Select the “Channel & Videos” tab at the top.
  • Scroll down and enable “Archive Broadcasts.”

With this option enabled, you can choose to save broadcasts for later viewing. Twitch will not save your entire broadcast indefinitely (currently, whole broadcasts will be saved for 14 days), but you can export your videos to YouTube. If you’re already into broadcasting, this is the simplest method to record your videos. However, if you want to save and edit them before they go live, there are other ways. Record Scary Maze Game and send it to your buddies to shocked them.

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