Clicker Training 4 Secrets to Becoming a Supertrainer Review

Clicker Training 4 Secrets to Becoming a Supertrainer Review

Is the Clicker Training method really a great system for obedience training your dog? Clicker Training-The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer, is a 216 page eBook written by Norwegian dog trainers Morton Egtvedt and his wife Cecile Koeste, and they guarantee that their clicker training program will quickly bring you great results with your own dog training efforts at home.

Morton and Cecile are famous dog trainers in Scandanavia, and their books their have sold hundreds of thousands of copies. They have 21 dog training academies featuring clicker training techniques that testify to the quality and effectiveness of their training methods.

Clicker Training-The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer is now available in English, and provides a great resource for learning the latest ways to use a “clicker” to augment and solidify your dog’s obedience training. You must have seen examples of clicker training by now. If you have watched a show about dolphin training, or gone to a park such as Sea World, then you have seen and heard “clickers” being used by the trainers.

The clicker makes a distinct sound when you click it. You learn how and when to use the click to teach your dog his obedience training. The clicker training is used with positive reinforcement training techniques only. Morton and Cecile will teach you what methods work and why they work. You will learn about how dog’s see their world, and how to communicate with them within a context that makes sense to your dog.

Because Clicker Training-The 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer teaches you how to become a good dog trainer you won’t be making dog training mistakes that ruin your efforts of obedience training your dog. Morton and Cecile believe that to get good results, the dog must have a good trainer-so they teach you what you need to know to become the Alpha leader, so your dog will be eager to follow your lead.

The clicker comes in to let your dog know the moment he has dog the trick right. For instance, as soon as your dog has completed the act of sitting when commanded to sit, you click the clicker and reinforce the correct action. Clicker training is said to aid in a dog’s ability to problem solve, as they only get the click and some positive reinforcement with a pet or a treat, after successfully figuring out what they are supposed to do, and actually completing the exercise.

Morton and Cecile absolutely guarantee their program with a 2 month “waterproof” guarantee, in case anyone I not entirely satisfied with the results. Is that better than iron-clad? They also include several fun bonus training videos that show you clicker trained dogs in action. Learn some great games and how to correctly use the clicker training by watching and listening to the experts in action.

Here is a list of the 5 bonus videos.

1.   Teaching the Retrieve.

2.   Get the Mail from the Mailbox-this is an extension of the retrieve training.

3.   Teaching Heel Position/With a Puppy.

4.   Getting a Soda From the Fridge-this is definitely a cool party trick

5.   Teach Your Dog to Wrap Itself in a Blanket-this is an example of combining several small tricks to end up with a grand finale.

Give Clicker Heroes 2 Training-the 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer a try. I highly recommendation this book for anyone who wants to get quick effective results when obedience training their dog. Using their techniques, your dog will enjoy his clicker training, and as soon as he sees you with the clicker he will be ready to follow your lead-and as you know a dog that is eager for a training session is a dog that is quick and easy to teach.

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